Your Stories of Generosity

Your Stories of Generosity

At our last Trellis Night on generosity, a donor came forward wanting to prompt generosity. They'd provided $50 to every person at our Trellis Night to be generous in some way this month.
Here are some of the stories you've shared with us:

The Waiting Room

Yesterday (5/17/23), I went to my cardiologist’s office for a pacemaker check. After checking in, I sat down beside a man named Jacob, who was waiting for his wife’s consultation to be finished (she recently had triple bypass surgery). I greeted him, and we engaged in an interesting conversation. He soon told me that the previous night’s thunderstorm blew down a 100 ft. pine tree, damaging his backyard fence and a few things in his neighbor’s yard. He was in the process of getting estimates from tree removal companies but was shocked to learn that it would probably cost him at least $5,000.  
Jacob just retired last year as a restaurant owner and was concerned about the cost of this tree removal. I assured him that God was more than able to help him if he trusted Him. That’s when he told me that he was a believer in Jesus and was praying that the Lord would give him wisdom and assistance to deal with this crisis. Just then, he received a call from his son, which he took outside. I didn’t know if he would return before I was called back to see my doctor, but as God orchestrated it, he did.  
While he was away, God indicated to me in my spirit that I should give $50 to Jacob. I told him that the Lord wanted him to have the money. He got a bit emotional and was deeply touched. So, we talked further, and I learned that he was a Palestinian Christian, born and raised in Jerusalem’s Old City (Jordanian side), which was taken over by Israel after the 6-day war in 1967. At the age of 25, he moved to the U. S., became a citizen, and began his restaurant business. He and his wife, Ronda, attend church here in Knoxville. When we said goodbye, he gave me a big hug. I assured him of my prayers for him and Ronda, for which he was very grateful. Please join me in praying for them as God’s Spirit brings them to mind.

High School Trip

My 15 year old son was with me at the Generosity Trellis Night. He chose to use his $50 to pay towards a friend's HSM Mexico Mission Encounter trip this summer. He noticed hardly any money had been funded toward his friend's trip so he felt lead to help. I love this!


I was praying about how to give my generosity funds from the Trellis Night. My family has some friends who used to pastor our church when we lived in Kansas City. The mom, Robyn, had several strokes about five weeks ago. She has been in rehab and is doing a lot better. Still, they were raising money to build her an accessible bathroom. As we shared this story at our table at the Trellis Night, others pooled their funds together, and Robyn has been fully funded for her bathroom! I praise God for the generosity of others.

The Family of Five

It is fun to give. I could think of all sorts of ways to bless someone or support some ministry, but I really wanted to wait for the nudge. When it came on Tuesday morning, it was for someone I had not even considered.

I am a speech therapist, and one of my students is a 6-year-old with special needs. His dad is a pastor of a young church. His mom is a stay-at-home Mom. They adopted this little boy and two others through state adoption. The two other little boys are both 3 years old. (Whew!) This mom and dad work so hard to do everything these little guys need. All three have experienced trauma at such a young age. They are so blessed to be with their new mom and dad.

As they were getting ready to leave my office, the nudge came. My first thought was, "Yes, Lord! How perfect." I explained to Mom about Trellis and learning more about giving. I told her about the nudge. She was so touched. Someone who gives all the time was so encouraged to have something given to them. I told her to do with it whatever she liked. She was so thankful, and I could tell she felt loved, not just by me but by the Father.
I have to say it is especially easy to give someone else's money away. Still, it really helps you think about looking for the nudge all the time and experiencing the joy of giving over and over.
 Can't wait to see what comes next.

Kansas Red Peonies

One week before the Trellis Night on generosity, my husband and I were critiquing our front yard when my neighbor walked by. I hadn't talked to her in a year, so I said I was glad to see her and asked how she was doing. In that small chat, she mentioned that she had purchased three peonies for $50 each and that two didn't survive the drought we had last June.
A week later, at the Trellis Night, I told my husband the $50 was for me to buy my neighbor peonies to replace the ones she had lost. So my husband and I went to a local nursery and purchased three Kansas Red peonies. I was slightly nervous because buying flowers to plant in the yard is rather personal. I didn't want to pick the "wrong" color. Anyway, I prayed and asked God to bless the Kansas Reds.
My husband and I dropped off the peonies with a note. Later on that day, I got a text from my neighbor. She said she was blown away and blessed that God had heard her prayers and answered them in such an unexpected way! All the places she had gone to get her peonies replaced were sold out. The Kansas Red peonies were the perfect color for her. To prove that God was entirely in this gift, she sent me a picture of the Kansas Reds blossoms cut from the surviving peony plant and placed in a vase on her kitchen counter.

I was truly blown away! God's greatness and goodness were evident. It became clear that God had orchestrated this entire interaction a week in advance. I am immensely grateful to Generosity Trellis Night for inspiring the act of giving, which brought glory to my Heavenly Father.
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