The ultimate purpose of our lives is to worship the One we were created by and for. It is recognizing and declaring God’s holiness and our utter dependence on Him. It’s giving God what He deserves: our attention, our recognition, our hearts and minds, and our response.

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We would love to have you serve on our tech team! We are currently seeking new volunteers for all positions on our tech team and for stage managers. Scroll down to learn more and get connected.

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As we seek God through His Word and through prayer, He reveals Himself to us. We respond to God after hearing His word and asking the Holy Spirit to show us how He wants to change our lives. And when we see God for who He is, we can not help but respond.

Both individually and in community, we respond in a number of ways— each different than the other, but all in humble worship of the One for whom we exist. We utilize the gifts of our 100+ volunteers to serve the body, and (as part of our program) the interns/residents train and develop our volunteers for greater Kingdom service.

2022.10.03 Sunday Set List


Communion is worship through reverent remembrance. It is a direct and obedient response to one of Jesus’ last instructions to his disciples. While we would not say that it is a means of obtaining God's grace, we would say that God's grace abounds as we focus on and worship the Savior.

By taking a piece of the bread and dipping it into the offered cup we acknowledge a view on which Paul called of first importance, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 
Because we believe that Communion is an ordinance of the Church, we believe it is for confessing believers only. We would ask that non-believers and children who have not yet confessed Christ abstain from coming to the table. Instead use this time to talk about the need for faith and public proclamation of that faith when coming to Christ.

Communion is typically served the first Sunday of the month.



We are currently revamping the way that new team members join the worship team. Keep an eye on this space in the fall for new information about applying. If you’re interested in someone reaching out to you at that time, click on the “Contact Us” button below.

Tech Team

The Tech Team is currently accepting new volunteers for all positions, including stage manager. Click on the "Contact Us" button below to start.

Want to get involved in audio and mixing? Intrigued by the visual elements of the service? Interested in how things work behind the scenes? The Tech Team is seeking new volunteers to help with front of house mixing, controlling slides, building lighting looks, and running a camera position. You don’t have to be an expert in any of these fields to join the team, you only need a curious mind and a willingness to learn.

You can also join the team as a stage manager,  which involves very simple tasks, and is a great way to get plugged in and see how things work.  


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The Worship + Tech Team

Rick dunn

Lead Pastor

Greg Pinkner

Lead Teaching Pastor

Spencer Garland

Pastor of Worship Ministry

Emily McCoy

Pastor of Musical Worship

Andrew Bingham

Pastor of Musical Worship & Development

Kirk Allen

Director of Worship Technology

Robert Allen

Assistant for Audio Technology

Michael Burlison

Assistant for Audio & Visual Technology

Meagan Allen

Coordinator of Worship & Production Tech Ministries