Updated May 31, 2022

Facilities Crew

Fellowship Middlebrook Facilities position available. The position is part time, up to 25 hours per week, on Monday-Friday evenings. Starting pay is $12-$14 per hour. Responsibilities include general maintenance, cleaning, and event care. Please contact Doug Tolson at

Childcare Teachers

Fellowship Middlebrook is hiring teachers for childcare. Throughout the week our Children's Ministry hallways fill up with sweet little ones. They are cared for, taught new things, learn how to interact with their peers, and so much more. If you love kids and want to be a part of this special team, we are currently hiring teachers for our Special Event Childcare, Women's Ministry groups, and substitutes for those positions.
For more information and to apply please contact Leigh Ann Dyer at


If you have general questions about employment, contact Mike below.

Mike Long

Chief Operating Officer