February 18   |   Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

The Vanity of Pleasures

Welcome to fellowship!

The gospel of Jesus fuels everything we do at Fellowship Church. By believing and trusting Jesus, He begins to renew everything in your life. He makes you a new person, places you in a new family, and sends you on a new mission. In each of these areas, we all have a next step of faith to take. Whether this is your first step—exploring what you truly believe about God, or you have been walking in faith for years, we are with you every step of the way.

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Chasing the wind

Full Service | February 11


Full Service | February 4


Full Service | January 28

Two Questions - Snow Day Devotional

Full Service | January 21


We believe that everything we have (money, possessions, gifts, talents, etc.) is from God. What we do with what we have reflects our hearts. Your generosity supports disciple-making efforts.
Contributions for Fellowship Church
For the Past Week, You Gave
$107,943 Ministry Operations Budget
$5,664 General Global Partnerships
Giving for the fiscal year through February 18, 2024 for the Middlebrook campus:
$4,516,315 Ministry Budget
$288,275 General Global Partnerships
$4,516,315 2023-2024 YTD Operations Giving
$4,543,816 2023-2024 YTD Operations Projected
($27,501) 2023-2024 YTD Over/(Under) Budget
Giving for the 4 Sundays in February is projected to be $132,253.
The Surge Initiative Giving Through February 11, 2024
$10,241,170 Surge Project Cost
$7,829,393 Cumulative Giving
$1,151,997 Budgeted Funds
$1,259,780 Remaining Debt

Fellowship Podcasts

Our Fellowship Podcasts help us reach many with the truth of the gospel. By processing complex issues through a Biblical lens, sharing our people's stories, or guiding us through aspects of mental health, our podcasts further our ability to share the life-changing power of Christ.

Fellowship Articles

Our teaching team and pastors want to provide thought-provoking articles that address biblical, theological, and practical themes to encourage growing Christians in their faith.

Fellowship Kids Teaching Toolkit

We recognize that parents are the primary disciple-makers of our children, which is why it’s our joy to partner with you in pointing your kids to Jesus. To support parents throughout the week, we have expanded our Family Teaching Toolkit.

Middlebrook Music

Listen to music created from the heart of Fellowship Church.


Hearing the stories of other believers is one of the most powerful ways we can encourage one another.