Letters to Mom

Letters to Mom

Article by Matt Scheuneman
“But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope.” – Lamentations 3:21

Over the past several weeks, I have emphasized the importance of remembering and reminding each other of the truth. I’m especially struck by how often Paul tells Timothy what he remembers and what he wants Timothy to remember in his second letter. As Mother’s Day approaches, I feel especially convicted to “practice what I preach.” To do so, I must walk through grief, and I have to offer up my pride. Here is my attempt. The following are two letters to different mothers that have been dynamic in my life. My prayer is that they encourage all of us to remember and remind well.
A Letter to My Mom
Dear Mom,

Now, almost 13 years have elapsed since we last spoke. This thought alone catches my breath. You have been greatly missed. I wonder at times if you think about us. Or are you totally wrapped up in His glory? What does He look like? Would you even be able to describe it? Is He everything you said He would be when you told us of His goodness?

I almost feel guilty to wonder if your mind is anywhere off Him – thinking about me – thinking I could be more important to you than Him.

There is a sad concept with grief that I didn’t believe at first – the idea that someone could forget their loved one. I must confess, Mom, some parts of you are hard to remember. Yet, on this Mother’s Day, I want to bring all I can remember to mind. I want to remember so we celebrate you and mothers like you. Gone, but not forgotten.

You were strength. Like a bear protecting her cubs, you didn’t flinch at danger. You were laughing. It filled the home. You were warm. Your embrace is one thing I miss the most. You and Dad were hope. You shared the gospel with Megan and me. You were dependent. You would claim you weren’t perfect, and I didn’t need you to be. You were dependent on Him to bring these things to our home. Thank you a million times for all that I remember and don’t remember you doing in my life.

I am confident that because of all you sacrificed for me, I am the man I am today. Your sacrifice and your strength were Christ in you. I see that more now as I have children. I feel the desires that maybe you felt for me. What a gift to know you in this way, even years after your passing. What a gift to remember you.  

I pray that I and others like me will spend time to remember well.
A Letter to My Wife
Dear Emily,

You are beautiful in every way. I struggle with words at times to describe my admiration. This letter attempts to remind you who I believe you to be and how I feel about you. Today, I want to talk about your beauty as a mom.

You are an amazing mother. I wish the kids were old enough to tell you their appreciation. Maybe one day they can, but right now, I will. You are firm and gentle. You keep even-keeled when the kids and I can be up and down. You make our home warm and light. You bring the gospel into our home. Christ is working through you. I’m so thankful for your partnership in bringing the truth to our kids.

You work. You volunteer. You care. You pursue. You laugh. You sometimes cry. You are dependent on Him. You pursue Him. You hope in Him. You are a true friend. You are so much fun. So true. So hope-filled. Such a gift to me.

I know at times you don’t believe these things about yourself. You don’t have to believe them to be true. I pray that God brings more people into your life to remind you of all the goodness God has birthed in you.

God has given you to our family. He knew what he was doing. We are so thankful for you!


Coordinator of Men's Ministry
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