sharing the gospel & encouraging churches, organizations, and individuals who serve internationally

Church Advancement
By partnering with or planting local churches around the globe, we are better able to encourage and resource the local church to care for the under-served and reach the lost in that community.
A Fellowship Church Missionary is an individual, team, or couple being called to long-term international ministry and consider Fellowship their home church.  Join us as we come alongside as an advocate and resource.
Encounters are trips which allow the participant to grow in Christ and discover their individual calling through carefully designed experiences.
 A Special Project is a singular mission endeavor that fits with the vision and values of the Mobilization Department and that of Fellowship Church.  It is a one-time initiative that has a specific beginning and end.

2023 Trips & Encounters

Our international experiences are categorized into Trips and Encounters. Encounters are specially designed for disciple making and encouraging folks to find their calling. Trips are designed to support our Fellowship Church Missionaries, Church Advancement Partners, and Special Project Recipients.
Mexico Encounter | High School: May 27-31, 2023
Mexico Encounter | College Life: July 22-28, 2023
Mexico Encounter | Family: October 7-11, 2023
Mexico Encounter | Adult: November 2-7, 2023
Mexico Encounter | Medical: TBD
Nicaragua Trip | Young Adults: January 2024
Mexico Encounter | Future Leader: February 2024
Mexico Encounter | Family: Spring Break 2024
Mexico Encounter | Men: April 2024
Israel Bible Tour Trip: April 2024
Mexico Encounter | High School: May 2024
SE Asia Homes of Love Camp Trip: July 2024
Mexico Encounter & Camp | College: July 2024
Zimbabwe Encounter | Adult: Fall 2024

The Global Team

Kyle Landis

Pastor of Church Mobilization

Julie Carr

Coordinator of Church Multiplication

Dave Russell

Pastor of Regional Impact