Fellowship Church Missionaries

What is a Fellowship Church Missionary?

At Fellowship we want to help everyone in our body take their next step of faith with Jesus. He makes us a new person, gives us a new family, and sends us on a new Mission. Sometimes that mission leads our people to serve God in an international setting.

Fellowship Church Missionaries are people who have taken their next step into where God is calling them on a new mission. They have gone through an application and interview process with the Mobilization Department and have been approved as Fellowship Church Missionaries. Each unit serves through an organization that also helps encourage them towards their goals. Fellowship's desire is to help launch and care for these missionaries by giving support financially, emotionally,  theologically, and physically.

The Johnsons | A DEsire to serve | Jinotepe, nicaragua

Stan and Tamera Johnson are a Fellowship Church family who have dedicated their lives to serving the people of Nicaragua. They have a unique heart and passion to help strengthen and mend marriages, as well as to develop young adults into healthy disciples of Jesus.  

Since 2016, the Johnsons have traveled regularly to Nicaragua. They invest deeply in the church body by developing and executing marriage workshops for couples. Along with these workshops, the couple regularly runs Bible Studies and Missional Training out of their home until recently.

With the purchase of a new building, the Johnsons have been able to expand their ministry as it naturally grows and flourishes. In 2023, they also opened their own coffee shop where they invite locals into learning the process of coffee roasting, business, customer service, and other unique ways of discipleship.

Their heart is to join with other gospel-centered organizations who are working to see families of Nicaragua find forgiveness and freedom in Christ through the incredible message of Grace.

the chesneys | homes of love | zimbabwe, cambodia, southeast asia

Gary and Debbie Chesney founded Homes of Love in 2000. However, the story begins many years before then. As a teenager, God began to build the call of adoption and the country of Vietnam in Debbie’s heart. Several years later, Debbie and Gary were married but still didn’t have a clear sense of God’s desire for how they would impact Vietnamese orphans. Twenty years later, Homes of Love was born from a heart for children to have forever homes. Homes of Love families are places of restoration where parents care for hurting children, offering them protection, guidance, spiritual hope, and love. These children receive nutritious food, clean water, clothing, education, healthcare, and lots of love – freeing them to dream and pursue vibrant futures.

Mark Granger | Wycliffe Bible Translators

Mark is a former elder of Fellowship Church who has recently resigned from this role to go into full-time ministry. Mark has stepped into a position with Wycliffe Bible Translators as an Organizational Strengthening Consultant assisting Bible translation organizations and their partner churches.

Wycliffe serves the global body of Christ to advance Bible translation so people can encounter God through His word in a language they understand.  

sue dee | ebenezer ministries | zimbabwe

Sue Dee was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Sue and her late husband John formed Ebenezer Ministry. In 2007, they started taking teams to Zimbabwe to minister to several groups of people. Sue has been a member of Fellowship church for several decades. She has a huge heart for orphans and now works with aged-out orphans to help equip them with life skills - especially through agriculture training in partnership with Foundations of Farming. Sue also a heart for widows and has started teaching and helping widows receive agricultural training to help provide for themselves.

The alburys | Camp Bahamas | the bahamas

Richard and Andrea Albury began their journey began over 20 years ago with a call from the Lord to serve the teens of The Bahamas. Their ministry, Camp Bahamas, offers a variety of sports activities to students on these islands. Each year they serve over 600 campers using gospel infused sports and games that reach those who are far from Jesus. Along with the activities of the camp, each participant has a chance to learn more about Jesus through the teaching and discipling time.  

Camp Bahamas recruits and trains staff to participate in the discipleship of these young students.  Most of the current staff are former students who have decided to take their next step in faith by investing in the next generation. The camp currently has several building projects going on, which will eventually help enhance the ministry to the guests.

Richard shared that,  “God is good and our prayer for our Staff and Campers this summer is that they would be able to 'Taste and See the Goodness of God' in their lives this year. We are excited about the future of CB and the direction that God is taking us.”

Delaney DriscolL | Tijuana, Mexico

Delaney took part in several internships at Tijuana Christian Mission with Fellowship Church throughout her teens and twenties. While dedicating a few years learning how to do missions locally in Tennessee, God called Delaney to move to Tijuana full time. Here is what she has to say:

"I have lived here full-time since 2019 and my heart is to make disciples of all nations in the city of Tijuana, where many people from different nations arrive in search of hope. I currently volunteer at a local church whose mission is to send Mexicans to the nations to plant churches. I am honored to support the Great Commission this way in the beautiful country of Mexico. "