Special Projects

What is a Special Project?

A Special Project is a mission endeavor, either by an individual or an organization, that fits with the vision and values of the Mobilization Department and that of Fellowship Church.
The process includes an initial online application and an interview with a liaison from the Mobilization Staff.
An accepted participant will then be asked to share the Special Project with us! Then we will partner with that individual / organization to distribute any approved needs necessary. 

Who Can Apply?

Applications will be accepted from Mission Partners and/or individuals related to the Fellowship Church family. Requests can be made for financial resources, supplies/equipment, consultation, information, and promotion.

How Can I Help?

Special Projects are only possible through your generous giving. If you would like to help contribute to mobilizing our church body in the ways that God has individually called them, please consider giving below.

Special Project Story: Madison

Madison Duerksen is a long-time member of Fellowship Church, through her time in the College Life ministry to now in our Young Adult Ministry. Madison developed a heart for the people of Tijuana, Mexico during an Encounter a few years back. She formed a connection with Tijuana Christian Mission, one of our Global Partners, and was asked to come back and volunteer with their Summer Camp Programming.

Madison applied for a Special Project to help fund the cost of her travels and ministry while in Tijuana. She visited with our Mobilization team both before and after her trip, sharing her heart for the kids and adults she served during her summer away.
We are so proud of Madison and many others who have allowed us to partner with them, pray for them, and send them on their way to mobilize Fellowship Church.