Special Projects

What is a Special Project?

A Special Project is a mission endeavor, either by an individual or an organization, that fits with the vision and values of the Mobilization Department and that of Fellowship Church.
The process includes an initial online application and an interview with a liaison from the Mobilization Staff.
An accepted participant will then be asked to share the Special Project with us. Then we will partner with that individual / organization to distribute any approved needs necessary. 

Who Can Apply?

Applications will be accepted from Mission Partners and/or individuals related to the Fellowship Church family. Requests can be made for financial resources, supplies/equipment, consultation, information, and promotion.

How Can I Help?

Special Projects are only possible through your generous giving. If you would like to help contribute to mobilizing our church body in the ways that God has individually called them, please consider giving below.

Pastor Mariuzs | Poland, Ukraine

Fellowship has a long relationship with Pastor Mariuzs and the Evangelical Church in Szczecin, Poland. In years past we have sent teams there to help them with a kids camp in the summer. Because of COVID we were unable to travel to Poland, neither could they have their camp.

There had been a regular influx of Ukrainians into Poland for several years—people seeking better opportunities and living conditions. Ukrainians looking for evangelical churches discovered Mariuzs’s church. Today, in their recently purchased church building, a Ukrainian congregation has formed.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine changed everything. Masses of people fled Ukraine and came into Poland. Mariuzs’ church rose to occasion, finding places for people to live and providing food for many. Some changes had to be made to the church building to adequately provide temporary housing for refugees. The church needed financial help. Through our Special Projects account, we were able to send $70,000 to help with the alterations and supplies that they needed. Additionally, they were able to help with multiple semi-trucks of food and medical supplies into war-torn Ukraine, going deep into the eastern areas. To date, twelve truck loads have left Szczecin for Ukraine. Even though the war in Ukraine seems far away, Fellowship was able to make a significant contribution to people of compassion on the front lines of the conflict.

Rachel Hicks | Cambodia

Rachel Hicks is a missionary with YWAM in Cambodia.  She and her team are involved in various initiatives that help the locals in her surrounding area.  They offer life-skills training, English classes, Biblical Education and more.  These workshops are open to everyone, and they use these classes as tools to share the Gospel of Jesus.

In 2020, the entire country of Cambodia was shut down because of the spread of Covid 19.  Locals were struggling to pay their bills and to even provide food for their families.  Rachel and her team developed a plan to offer immediate relief.  With the support of the Special Projects money from Fellowship Church, Rachel and her team were able to offer food boxes to families in need.  They would deliver these resources to families who were shut-in and would use the opportunity to make a connection and develop a relationship with everyone they helped.  Their team did such a great job caring for those in her village, that even the local government is calling on the YWAM team to stay involved.
Thanks in part to the money offered from Fellowship, Rachel and her team are making great strides in sharing the hope of Jesus to those in her region.

Asher Watson | Haiti

Asher Watson has been at Fellowship for most of his life.  Like most middle school students, he loves being engaged in the Student Ministry and getting the opportunities to worship and learn about mission through the various ministries.
One year, during a visit to his cousin’s house in Florida, Asher learned about a ministry called Mission of Hope.  Mission of Hope has various initiatives that help with physical poverty in Haiti but use these initiatives to address the spiritual poverty as well.  His cousin was participating in a food packing event that was targeted at helping those most in need in Haiti.  Asher fell in love with the ministry and came home and asked the Middle School Ministry to consider hosting an event on their own.

Asher drafted a proposal, and the Mobilization department was quick to respond. Asher applied and was granted Special Project money to host an event and with the help of his student leaders, Asher recruited almost 75 people who spent 3 hours packing thousands of meals.  These meals will be shipped directly to Haiti to bring relief to those in need.  Asher was overwhelmed with the response of his friends and church family and is hoping to host another event like this one again in the future.