trips and Encounters

missional discipleship and service experiences

What is the difference between
a Trip and an Encounter?

We refer to select missional experiences as “Encounters.” An encounter is defined as "an unexpected meeting." It's about entering into a relationship with Jesus through real, authentic experiences and recognizing His presence in our lives and in others. Many who have participated in an Encounter will tell you it's a MUST for your spiritual, emotional, and missional growth.

Individuals who choose to participate in a Mission Trip are often fulfilling the vision for strategies and goals that have been put in place by Fellowship Church Missionaries, or other ministry partners, as they spread the gospel. As we grow in relationship with our FC Missionaries, we learn of their specific needs and requests, then tailor a team to specifically fulfill those needs.  

The combination of Trips & Encounters allows the entire Fellowship family the opportunity to serve in a variety of ways.  

Whether you're participating in a Trip or Encounter, everyone will have the same discipleship training. Every Trip & Encounter will have pre-trip trainings and team members are expected to attend ALL trainings. Each training will consist of team building, specific trip training, logistics, and prayer.  There will be homework for each meeting.  After the pre-trip trainings, teams are ready to experience a new culture, serve alongside our missionaries and travel together.


2024 Trips & Encounters

Mexico Medical Mission

October 16-21, 2024

Father/Son Mexico Encounter

December 5-9, 2024

2025 Trips & Encounters

Young Adult

January 22-28, 2025

Future Leaders
mexico encounter

February 27-March 3, 2025

Mexico Encounter

March 15-19, 2025

Bible Tour

April 22-May 4, 2025

Mexico Encounter

April 4-9, 2025

High School
Mexico Encounter

May 24-28, 2025

Southeast Asia
Host kids camp

July 16-28, 2025

host student camp

July 19-25, 2025

zimbabwe, africa

August 13-24, 2025

Israel Serve Trip

October 22-November 2, 2025

Mexico Medical Mission

November 12-17, 2025
Application/Registration Coming Soon

Father/Son Mexico Encounter

December 4-8, 2025
Application/Registration Coming Soon


Kyle Landis

Pastor of Church Mobilization

Dave Russell

Pastor of Regional Impact

Julie Carr

Coordinator of Church Multiplication