Care & Counsel

God uses each season of our lives to shape us in distinct ways, and He designed the church to be the community we need during difficult seasons. Through care and counseling, we aim to point the church to full dependence on Christ for our emotional health, growth in relationships, and healing.

Care + Prayer

Our team would love to come alongside as you walk through challenging seasons of life.

  • Our Care Groups are designed with the goal of meeting the unique needs of difficult seasons of life through the use of community. Each group aims to point group members to full dependence on Christ for emotional health, growth in relationships, and healing.
  • Scripture tells us that there is power in prayer. Follow the link below to let us know how we can join you in prayer today!

Biblical Life Counseling

The Biblical Life Counseling center serves individuals, couples, and families within our church that need help, on a limited basis, in navigating distressing life circumstances. We aim to partner with you in developing new understanding and practices that allow you to think and live biblically in the midst of difficult seasons.

We never attempt to provide treatment for psychological or mental health disorders or symptoms. Our team refers anyone desiring psychological treatment or those needing long-term care to qualified professional providers in our community.


Are you looking for resources to help you through a difficult season?

  • On our Open Door Podcast, our Biblical Life Couseling team has conversations with special guests from our community around topics that deeply impact the way you relate and respond to all seasons of your life.
  • We also offer articles on a variety of topics written by our pastors and staff, addressing culturally relevant issues, practical application of spiritual disciplines, and honest reflections on the challenges of life.

Chosen Children

Foster, adoptive, and kinship families are so important to us, and we have many tangible ways for our church body to get involved. God does not call all of us to foster or adopt, but we are all called to care for the vulnerable. Whether you are a foster, adoptive, or kinship family or you want to learn more about how to serve families in our ministry, follow the link below to learn more.

Our Care + Counsel Team