Marriage Innovators

What if there was a way to strengthen relational skills, improve conflict navigation, and nurture healthy intimacy to help you strengthen your marriage? What if you and your spouse could connect with mentors who would deeply invest prayer and encouragement into your lives, helping create a Gospel-formed legacy of marriage that will bless future generations?  Welcome to Marriage Innovators.
Marriage Innovators provides a Biblically-grounded overview of how to build and sustain a lifelong, strong marriage. Research-based information is included to emphasize what makes marriages succeed or fail, skills and behaviors that build strong bonds and keep love alive, and how to avoid falling out of love and hope.

Core dynamics of marriage are explored including the importance of lifelong commitment, establishing a conflict resolution standard, healthy problem solving, managing issues and expectations, forgiveness, preserving a fun and supportive friendship with your spouse, and ways to nurture intimate connections in all dimensions of your marriage.

Marriage Innovators is comprised of two parts: Foundations & Transformations.

Foundations | Part 1

The seven-week Foundations course is available for dating, engaged, and married couples. Teaching sessions are held at Fellowship on Sunday mornings during the 9:15 service, and course materials include weekly homework to be completed both individually and together as a couple.

  • The next Foundations course will begin August 11, 2024.
  • Registration includes a $25 fee per couple to cover the cost of materials.

Transformations | Part 2

Completion of the Foundations course is a pre-requisite for Transformations.

Transformations is a 6-8 week small group course led by Fellowship Church mentor couples. These groups meet offsite and focus on diving deeper into the Marriage Innovators material.

  • If you are interested in learning more about joining a group, please click here to complete our interest form.
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Getting Married?

Congratulations on your engagement! You are entering into what will become one of the most exciting, transformative seasons of your life. Because marriage matters, we want to help you prepare not just for your wedding day but for your future. We’ve compiled several resources below to help you prepare for covenant marriage at Fellowship Church and/or to have your wedding officiated by a Fellowship pastor.
1. Wedding Guide
Please start by downloading and reading the guide thoroughly, as many of your questions will be answered here.

2. Wedding and Pastoral Officiant Request Form
If you would like to request a Fellowship Church pastor to officiate your wedding, please be sure to complete this online form.

3. Marriage Innovators: Foundations Series
Our Marriage Innovators Foundations course is an incredible resource for newly engaged couples. Unless an exception is made for another pre-marital education resource or special circumstances (time frame, etc.), we ask that you enroll in Marriage Innovators as part of your wedding preparation.

4. Getting Married on the Fellowship Church Campus
For information about getting married on the Fellowship Church campus, please click here