We believe that everything we have (money, possessions, gifts, talents, etc.) is from God. What we do with what we have reflects our hearts. Your generosity supports disciple-making efforts.

2021/2022 Giving

For the Past Week, You Gave
$140,703 Ministry Operations Budget
$1,694 General Global Partnerships
Giving for the fiscal year through June 19, 2022 for the Middlebrook campus:
$5,733,979 Ministry Budget
$180,628 General Global Partnerships
$5,733,979 2021-2022 YTD Operations Giving
$5,448,303 2021-2022 YTD Operations Projected
$285,676 2021-2022 YTD Over/(Under) Budget
Giving for the 4 Sundays in June is projected to be $106,659.
The Surge Initiative Giving Through June 19, 2022
$10,000,000 Initiative Goal
$6,919,754 Received
$3,080,246 Still needed