build together &
disaster relief 

From small projects to disaster relief,
we will help individuals and communities rebuild homes and lives.


During this crisis at the border of Ukraine and Poland our friends at Christian Fellowship Pogodno Church in Szczecin, Poland are asking that we uplift them in prayer.  We also want to offer them our financial support as their church is currently sending supplies, including food and clothing, to the border.  In the coming weeks, Pastor Mariusz is preparing to open the doors of his church as a haven for Ukrainian refugees that arrive in their city.

Please use the link below to give.   Beginning today all donations to our Disaster Relief Fund will go directly to Christian Fellowship Pogodno as they serve people during this crisis.


Natural disasters occur daily in our nation.  When we hear about one, our first response is often, “what should I do?”  We understand response requires commitment and have developed a response plan to guide us as we reach out to those impacted.  Our Disaster Relief Plan is outlined below.


While first responders assess what kinds of responses are needed immediately, we can rise up and be effective prayer warriors for those in the midst of disaster. If available, we can offer specialized responders to partner with local/federal government entities.

 We want to be the best stewards of the finances God gives us. By clicking on the "Give" button, your Disaster Relief donations will be used in the best ways possible to provide relief.

The option to give is always open to everyone—we want to be ready for an immediate financial response in the wake of disaster.


Our natural response is to act now. However, we know immediate, direct involvement isn't always what's needed—sending people and supplies can sometimes do more harm than good and may not be an appropriate response.

In cooperation with our Disaster Relief partners, trained teams may be mobilized for short-term relief trips locally, nationally, or internationally. By clicking the "Volunteer" button, you can learn about disaster relief training.

During this time, collecting and sending items can be overwhelming or unnecessary; in these early stages, cash and gift cards  will meet needs more quickly.  By clicking on the "Give" button, your Disaster Relief donations will be used in the best ways possible to provide relief.


We are positioned to be a long-term presence for helping people and communities rebuild. There are often many small communities who are forgotten or marginalized in the aftermath of a disaster. We will actively seek out those communities and partner with local churches to help recover and rebuild. The ultimate goal is to respond to these disasters by pointing those in need to the hope and love of Jesus Christ.  
Click the "Volunteer" button to learn more.

Ongoing, long-term recovery is a costly endeavor, and the partners we visit will have gone through significant financial and material loss. We encourage those who are able to continue giving so that we're ready to mobilize when needed. By clicking on the "Give" button, your Disaster Relief donations will be used in the best ways possible to provide relief.

Offering Hope Through Home Repair

As we look around, we learn there are many opportunities to help our neighbors.  When a home has been damaged people search for help to return their lives to normal.  These times are opportunities for followers of Jesus to be the presence of Christ as they provide for the needs of those affected.  

Our Build Together Team leaders provide training, encouragement and support to volunteers of all ages.   By clicking the "Volunteer" button and filling out our form, a Build Together Team leader will contact you.

Ask God how you can be involved to Respond, Rebuild and Restore.


If you have questions about the Home Repair Team or Church Mobilization, contact Julie below.

julie carr

Coordinator of Church Mobilization Ministries