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October 22, 2023

A Conversation with Lead Pastor Elect R.D. McClenagan
This week, Rick Dunn and Lauren Morgan sat down with R.D. McClenagan to hear more of his heart as he steps into the Lead Pastor role at Fellowship. We encourage you to listen to their conversation using the link below. This podcast episode is available on all major streaming platforms.

October 15, 2023

Confirming RD McClenagan as Lead Pastor and Praying Over His Family
The membership vote has closed, and the members have confirmed the Elders' calling of RD McClenagan as the Lead Pastor. Over the next few months, Rick will walk with RD as he transitions out of his role in Adult Ministries, sharing the responsibilities. When RD, Rick and the Elders are ready, RD will transition fully into the role, which will be announced on a Sunday morning.

Thank you all who engaged with us in this process over the past few months!

October 1, 2023

Lead Pastor Membership Vote
What an amazing morning to be with our church body! Today, the Elders of Fellowship Church officially presented RD McClenagan as their candidate for the next Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church. If you missed this morning, we encourage you to watch the announcement here.
Members have the opportunity to affirm this calling from the Elders. RD has prepared a brief message to our members to hear from his heart as you prayerfully consider your vote. You can view that by clicking the video above. Voting is open now and closes on October 14.

September 29, 2023

Our Lead Pastor Candidate
Fellowship Family,
As many of you know, we, as the Elders, have been seeking God’s face on who to call as our next Lead Pastor. This has been a time of growth in our faith and reliance on the Spirit. We are so thankful for our church body as you all have joined us in consistent, intentional prayer and fasting in this season. Please take a few minutes to watch the message above as we present the candidate we believe God has called to be the next Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church.
– The Elders of Fellowship Church

June 27, 2023

Since our last update, things have been steadily progressing. Our elders worked with Rick, examining his time at Fellowship to develop a profile of characteristics that have guided and shaped him. Looking forward to the next season of Fellowship, we also worked to create a profile of attributes needed for the future. An updated lead pastor position description was developed and distributed to the Fellowship staff as a call for anyone to respond if they felt called to the position. A short list of candidates has been established. Because the lead pastor is also an elder, the first step in the interview process is for the candidates to complete an elder exam and that exam is currently in progress.

Please continue to pray for all involved in this transition process.

May 16, 2023

When Rick Dunn and the Elders made the Lead Pastor announcement last month, we committed to provide monthly updates to keep our body informed.

How Will Monthly Updates Work Moving Forward?
  • Moving forward, if we have a major announcement to make, we will deliver that from the stage on a Sunday morning and email the announcement out to our body.
  • If we only have a minor update, we will post that on the “Lead Pastor Transition” page.
  • These monthly updates will be delivered mid-month.

Where Are the Elders at in the Process?
We are currently in the process of prayer and discernment. Right now, our goal is to accurately identify the traits and characteristics needed in the next lead pastor. Please continue to pray for the Elders, for Rick, for the pastoral and staff leadership, for those in whom God is stirring a response to the call for the lead pastor role.
Thank you for your continued support and prayers during this time of transition.

April 16, 2023

Original announcement from the Elders

Details and FAQs


Rick Dunn and our elders are beginning the process of identifying and transitioning to the next Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church.

  • First: Elders will pray and discern who God is calling to this role from within our staff.
  • Second: Elders will present the candidate to the congregation for a membership vote.
  • Third: Rick will serve as Lead Pastor for a period of time mentoring and coaching the new Lead Pastor, eventually passing on the full stewardship of the role.


  • Rick believes the Lord has called him to complete his work as Lead Pastor and transition into a new role as full-time developer and discipler of Kingdom leaders. With the elders’ guidance and partnership, he will gradually begin moving toward this transition once the new Lead Pastor is chosen.
  • Alongside Rick, the elders agree that the timing is right, our leadership and staff are equipped, and the church is ready to unify under the next season of our mission.


  • Unless God leads otherwise, we believe the next lead pastor is on our staff. Our elders are in the process of discerning who that may be.


  • We expect the entire process of selection and presentation for voting to take months, but less than a full year, if the Lord identifies an internal candidate as we anticipate. Of course, we are all submitted to the will and work of the Spirit in this process. Elders will provide monthly updates on where we are in the process and how we should all be praying.


  • Pray for the elders.
  • Speculation on “who will be the next Lead Pastor” is normal. However, speculation is not helpful. We are in a season of discernment with the Spirit. It is God’s voice, not our own, that we seek to hear.
  • Do not take the initiative to recommend candidates to the elders. Rick has clearly defined what is needed in the role, and the elders will be purposeful and prayerful in choosing the candidate.
  • Trust God through this process. He is always up to something that we do not see. He is growing us up and preparing for another progression in our journey as Fellowship Church. Play your part by faithfully praying, engaging, serving, giving, and loving as a member of this family and mission.


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