Jesus said, "Follow me." At Trellis Nights, we will take our next steps together toward following Him.

Our evenings will be focused on a practice of spiritual formation from The Trellis book, which you can request here. We'll eat, worship, and learn experientially as we seek to close the gap between what we believe and who we are becoming in Christ.

trellis nights

Sharing the Gospel

December 3  |  5:00pm

Join us as we explore what it means to live a life that proclaims the Gospel! "Our faith is not intended to be private or secret but to be lived out publicly in front of others." - the Trellis


January 7  |  5:00pm

In a culture of rampant consumerism and excess, fasting is a practice of resistance. We willingly choose to sacrifice through abstinence so that we might be filled with a greater measure of the Spirit.

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February 4  |  5:00pm

God’s desire for justice is on display throughout the Scriptures, and He charges His people with its administration. Jesus firmly aligned Himself with the work of justice and reconciliation, not only spiritually with the news of the Gospel but also by calling out the injustices He saw. He calls us as His representatives to do the same.

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Trellis Nights

March 5  |  Prayer
April 2  |  Reading Scripture
May 7  |  Generosity
June 4  |  Gathering
July  |  Hospitality
August 6  |  Sabbath + Silence & Solitude
October 1  |  Missional Prayer
November 5  |  Celebration
December 3  |  Sharing the Gospel
January 7, 2024  |  Fasting
February 4, 2024  |  Justice