Adoption, Foster, & kinship Care

Whether you’ve been around Fellowship Church for a while as an adoptive, foster, or kinship family, or if you’re new to our community, we would love to get to know you. Below are links to people ready and waiting to support you, facebook groups, care groups, and even the first steps towards becoming an adoptive, foster, or kinship parent.

Take Your First Step

You can help us get to know you and your family's unique needs by filling out the Introduction Form, surround yourself with other adoptive, foster, and kinship families by selecting a Care Group, or take your first step towards adopting or fostering through KAFCAM—a  partner ministry who specializes in helping direct and equip families who feel ready to answer God's call to become adoptive or foster parents.

How you can support our families

Foster, adoptive and kinship families are so important to us, and we have tangible ways for anyone to get involved. God does not call all of us to foster or adopt, but we are all called to care about the vulnerable. Helping adoptive and foster families in our church can look like providing words of encouragement and prayer, dropping off a meal or groceries, doing work around the house, or giving parents a break by helping with childcare. Helping  families in our community gives all of us an opportunity to show the love of Jesus to those in need.

Financial Support for Adoptive Families

Fellowship partners with Lifesong Grants to financially aid families in the final steps of private adoptions.
  • Lifesong FAQ
  • An application and pastoral letter is required to apply. Please contact our Pastor of Biblical Life Counseling Ministry, Brent Crenshaw at, to schedule a meeting.


Erin Accardi

Coordinator of Adoption and Foster Care Ministry