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Biblical quotations are ESV (English Standard Version) unless otherwise stated.


Sharing Our Real Self 03/08/2020
2 Corinthians 12:7-10
Ryan Elliott
close Facing Your Past 02/16/2020

SERIES End It description

Dr. Henry Cloud wrote, "For there to be anything new, old things need to end."  We all have things we need to end in our life to make room for the new life God has to offer us, but the real question is: "How?"  Practically, realistically, how do we bring an end to these things?  Paul offers clear help in his letter to the Galatian church.  

close End Comparison 02/09/2020
close Why End It: Our Future 02/02/2020
close Why End It: Love 01/26/2020
close How to End It 01/19/2020

SERIES A New Year, Empowered, Together description

As we enter into 2020 we wait with anticipation to see what God has in store for our church and our community.  Let's dream together and pursue the part that God has for each of us to play.

close A New Year, Empowered, Together 01/05/2020

SERIES Christmas at Northshore

close Really Good News 12/22/2019
close Two Kings of Christmas 12/15/2019
close The Feeling of Christmas 12/08/2019

SERIES Stand Alone

close Remember Jesus 12/01/2019

SERIES GeneroCity

close Eternal Perspective 11/24/2019
close Interview - Mosaic Wes Mills 11/24/2019
close Serve 11/17/2019
close Interview - Angelic Ministries 11/17/2019
close Interview - Emerald Youth 11/10/2019
close Why do you live here? 11/03/2019
close Interview - Commonwealth Aaron Loy 11/03/2019


close Surrender 10/27/2019
close Confession 10/20/2019
close Reality is Your Friend 10/13/2019
close Adoration 10/06/2019
close Rest 09/29/2019

SERIES The Happy Trap

close The Happy Trap Conclusion 09/22/2019
close Meaning 09/16/2019
close Community 09/08/2019
close Pleasure vs Happiness 08/25/2019
close Negative Emotions 08/18/2019
close The Happy Trap 08/11/2019

SERIES Turn Your Eyes description

A walk through Colossians

close To Those Without Christ 07/29/2019
close To Christ 07/22/2019
close To Christ Above 07/15/2019
close To the Mystery of Christ 07/01/2019
close The Supremacy of Christ 06/23/2019

SERIES Northshore Heartbeat

close Missional Living 06/02/2019
close Heartbeat 05/26/2019

SERIES Real Marriage

close Real Marriage - Our Story 05/12/2019
close Safe Haven 05/05/2019

SERIES On Mission

close Invite them 04/15/2019
close Learn Yourself 04/07/2019
close Love Them 03/31/2019


close Humility 03/24/2019
close Make Disciples 03/03/2019
close Have Faith Not Fear 02/18/2019
close Invest In Heaven 02/03/2019
close Love Others 01/27/2019
close Love God 01/20/2019
close Introduction to Follow 01/13/2019

SERIES Christmas 2018

close Hope in Disapointment 12/09/2018
close For the Whole World 12/02/2018

SERIES How Low Can You Go

close Actions Speak Louder 11/12/2018

SERIES Standalone

close Picture It 08/04/2019
close Baptism Sunday 05/19/2019
close Easter 04/22/2019
close Contentment 03/17/2019
close Suffering Servant 03/10/2019
close Church Planting with Aaron and Wes 03/10/2019
close IF - Jacob, God and the Chasm Between … 01/06/2019
close Is It Christmas Yet 11/26/2018
close Jesus Is Better 10/01/2018
close Jesus Is Better 10/01/2018

SERIES We Dream description

Join us as we dive in to the vision and mission of Northshore. 

"We Dream of a world transformed by God's Love"

"We exist to demonstrate and communicate God's love to the world."

close Communicating God's Love 10/08/2018
close Demonstrating God's Love 10/01/2018
close Transformed (Part 2) 09/17/2018
close Transformed 09/10/2018
close God's Love Continued 08/26/2018
close God's Love 08/19/2018