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Biblical quotations are ESV (English Standard Version) unless otherwise stated.

SERIES Grace and Gratitude

Grace and Gratitude - Part 1
Brad Raby

SERIES Stand Alone

close Vision Sunday (Stand Alone) 11/11/2018
close Neighborhood to Nations (Stand Alone) 11/04/2018
close Love Sent (Stand Alone) 10/28/2018

SERIES Becoming A Redemptive Minority

close Redemptive Resistance (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 10/21/2018
close Redemptive Leadership (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 10/14/2018
close Redemptive Suffering (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 10/07/2018
close Redemptive Words (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 09/23/2018
close Redemptive Men, Women & Families (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 09/16/2018
close Redemptive Influence (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 09/09/2018
close Redemptive Desires (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 09/02/2018
close Becoming a Redemptive Disciple-maker (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 08/26/2018
close Redemptive Love (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 08/19/2018
close Redemptive Living (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 08/12/2018
close How to be a Christian in … (Becoming A Redemptive Minority) 08/05/2018

SERIES Behind the Music

close When Creation Worships (Behind the Music) 07/22/2018
close Give us Wisdom (Behind the Music) 07/15/2018
close Hope in the Darkness (Behind the Music) 07/08/2018
close For The Next Generation (Behind the Music) 07/01/2018
close Repentance (Behind the Music) 06/24/2018
close Taste and See (Behind the Music) 06/17/2018
close The Shepherd God (Behind the Music) 06/10/2018
close behind the Music Intro (Behind the Music) 06/03/2018

SERIES Stand Alone

close Worship (Stand Alone) 05/27/2018
close Gospel Sunday (Stand Alone) 05/20/2018

SERIES Mother's Day 2018

close Mother's Day Q (Mother's Day 2018) 05/13/2018
close Dysfunction, Sorrow and a Faithful God (Mother's Day 2018) 05/13/2018

SERIES Various

close Student Takeover (Various) 05/06/2018
close #truth (Various) 04/22/2018
close Baptism (Various) 04/15/2018

SERIES Mark - The King and His Cross

close Our Mission -- It's All About … (Mark - The King and His Cross) 04/08/2018
close The Resurrection Changes Everything (Mark - The King and His Cross) 04/01/2018
close Killing Jesus (Mark - The King and His Cross) 03/25/2018
close The Table and The Garden (Mark - The King and His Cross) 03/18/2018
close Betraying God (Mark - The King and His Cross) 03/10/2018
close The Coming Kingdom (Mark - The King and His Cross) 03/04/2018

SERIES Here to There

close Shattered Dreams (Here to There) 02/25/2018

SERIES Stand Alone

close We Exist to Love (Stand Alone) 02/11/2018

SERIES Here to There

close Keep Your Eyes On The Road (Here to There) 02/04/2018
close Stop for Directions (Here to There) 01/28/2018
close The Heart of the Matter (Here to There) 01/21/2018
close The Principle of the Path (Here to There) 01/14/2018

SERIES Stand Alone

close Walk (Stand Alone) 01/07/2018

SERIES Christmas at Fellowship

close Prince of Peace (Christmas at Fellowship) 12/24/2017
close Everlasting Father (Christmas at Fellowship) 12/16/2017
close Mighty God (Christmas at Fellowship) 12/10/2017
close Wonderful Counselor (Christmas at Fellowship) 12/03/2017

SERIES Thanksgiving

close Thanksgiving - Generosity Part 2 (Thanksgiving) 11/26/2017
close Thanksgiving – Generosity Part 1 (Thanksgiving) 11/19/2017

SERIES Mark Part 5

close Jesus Talks About Love (Mark Part 5) 11/12/2017
close Hard Sayings of Jesus (Mark Part 5) 11/05/2017
close Jesus Talks About Money (Mark Part 5) 10/22/2017
close Jesus Talks About Divorce (Mark Part 5) 10/15/2017
close Jesus Talks about Temptation (Mark Part 5) 10/08/2017
close Jesus Talks About Ambition (Mark Part 5) 10/01/2017

SERIES Vision Series - Movement

close Turning Point in Family Discipleship (Vision Series - Movement) 09/24/2017
close Turning Point in Your Spiritual Journey (Vision Series - Movement) 09/10/2017

SERIES Stand Alone description

Stand Alone Sermon

close God’s AAA Assurance (Stand Alone) 09/03/2017


close Hope for Those Fighting Anxiety and … (Mark) 08/27/2017
close Hope for the Doubter (Mark) 08/20/2017
close Hope for the Stumbling Disciple (Mark) 08/13/2017
close Hope for the Overly Religious (Mark) 08/06/2017

SERIES Essentials

close Heaven, Hell and the Coming Kingdom (Essentials) 07/23/2017
close The Church (Essentials) 07/16/2017
close Sin (Essentials) 07/09/2017
close Sola Fide - By Faith Alone (Essentials) 07/02/2017
close Solus Christus - Christ Alone (Essentials) 06/25/2017
close Solus Christus - Christ Alone (Essentials) 06/24/2017
close Sola Gratia (Essentials) 06/17/2017
close Soli Scriptura - God Keeps His … (Essentials) 06/10/2017
close Soli Deo Gloria: For the Glory … (Essentials) 06/03/2017


close Hope That Conquers Fear (Mark) 05/28/2017
close Hope for the Broken Hearted (Mark) 05/20/2017
close Hope for the Hopelessly Ordinary (Mark) 05/13/2017


close Hope for the Hopelessly Broken (Mark ) 05/06/2017

SERIES Stand Alone

close God's AAA Assurance (Stand Alone) 09/03/2017
close Butterfly Effect (Stand Alone) 04/30/2017

SERIES Family Matters

close Family Idols (Family Matters) 04/23/2017


close Resurrection Realities (Easter) 04/15/2017

SERIES Family Matters

close Family Matters - Fun! (Family Matters) 04/08/2017
close Parenting With Grace (Family Matters) 04/01/2017
close Family Idols (Family Matters) 03/25/2017
close Direction Matters (Family Matters) 03/18/2017


close A New Measure for Success (Mark) 03/11/2017
close Insiders and Outsiders (Mark) 03/04/2017
close The Sower (Mark) 02/25/2017
close Jesus Changes things - Part 2 (Mark) 02/18/2017
close Jesus Changes Things - Part 1 (Mark) 02/11/2017
close You Ain't Ever Seen Anything Like … (Mark) 02/05/2017
close Jesus's Ministry and Authority (Mark) 01/22/2017
close An Invitation (Mark) 01/15/2017
close It's All About Jesus (Mark) 01/07/2017

SERIES Stand Alone description


close Hope for 2017 (Stand Alone) 01/01/2017

SERIES Simply Christmas

close Simply No Room (Simply Christmas) 12/17/2016
close Extraordinary Yet Simple (Simply Christmas) 12/10/2016
close A Simple Announcement (Simply Christmas) 12/03/2016

SERIES Stand Alone

close Life in Exile (Stand Alone) 11/26/2016
close Grateful (Stand Alone) 11/20/2016

SERIES Pursuit

close Moving Toward the Mess (Pursuit ) 11/13/2016
close Pursuit of Justice Seminar (Pursuit ) 11/09/2016
close The Good Samaritan (Pursuit ) 11/06/2016

SERIES SHIFT description

The mind informed is good, but the heart transformed is better. 

close From inviting people to church, to … (SHIFT) 10/23/2016
close From The Church As A Place … (SHIFT) 10/16/2016
close A Shift To The Ordinary (SHIFT) 10/09/2016
close From Information to Transformation (SHIFT) 10/02/2016

SERIES Movement description

Rooted in the life of Jesus, the leadership of the Spirit, and the maturity and multiplication of His Body, this vision series will clarify the direction and strategies that will guide our movement for many years to come.

close For the Gospel, for Generations (Vision … (Movement) 09/25/2016
close Led By The Spirit (Vision Series: … (Movement) 09/18/2016
close Follow Me (Vision Series: Week One) (Movement) 09/11/2016

SERIES Margin description

Creating space for what matters

close Even You, Even Jesus, Even Us (Margin) 09/04/2016
close Choosing to Cheat (Margin) 08/28/2016
close Relational Space (Margin) 08/21/2016
close Money Money Money (Margin) 08/14/2016
close Schedule Detox (Margin) 08/07/2016


close Role We Play (Acts) 07/24/2016
close Ends of the Earth (Acts) 07/10/2016
close Breaking Racial Barriers (Acts) 07/03/2016
close A Life of Significance (Acts) 06/23/2016
close Opposition from Without and Difficulty from … (Acts) 06/19/2016
close Gospel Centered Practices of Disciples (Acts) 06/12/2016
close A Holy Spirit Empowered Mission (Acts) 06/05/2016

SERIES Nineveh

close Nineveh: Part 4 (Nineveh) 05/22/2016
close Nineveh: When Grace Comes to Town (Nineveh) 05/17/2016
close Nineveh: Jonah's Prayer (Nineveh) 05/10/2016
close Nineveh (Nineveh) 05/01/2016

SERIES Anchored

close Anchored Faith (Anchored) 04/24/2016
close Town Hall Meeting (Anchored) 04/17/2016
close Anchored Relationships (Anchored) 04/17/2016
close Anchored Identity (Anchored) 04/10/2016
close A Better Anchor (Anchored) 04/03/2016

SERIES Scandalous Grace

close Scandalous Grace: Two Thieves (Scandalous Grace) 03/27/2016
close Scandalous grace: Zacchaeus (Scandalous Grace) 03/20/2016
close The Paradox of Grace (Scandalous Grace) 03/13/2016
close Exposed, Experiencing and Expressing Grace. (Scandalous Grace) 03/06/2016

SERIES Worldview Conference

close Sexual Wholeness: Session IV (Worldview Conference) 02/28/2016
close The Story and Glory of Sex … (Worldview Conference) 02/21/2016

SERIES Ruth: The Plan of Redemption

close Covenant Love (Ruth: The Plan of Redemption) 02/14/2016
close The Sovereign Redeemer (Ruth: The Plan of Redemption) 02/07/2016
close No risk of rejection (Ruth: The Plan of Redemption) 01/24/2016
close A Gracious Invitation (Ruth: The Plan of Redemption) 01/17/2016
close Ruth: Return to Me (Ruth: The Plan of Redemption) 01/10/2016
close When Faith is Lost (Ruth: The Plan of Redemption) 01/03/2016


close Dwell in Peace (Dwell) 12/27/2015
close Dwell in Joy (Dwell) 12/20/2015
close Dwell in Hope (Dwell) 12/13/2015
close Dwell in Love (Dwell) 12/06/2015


close Refuel our Mission (Refuel) 11/29/2015
close Refuel Worship (Refuel) 11/15/2015
close Refuel from Government (Refuel) 11/08/2015
close Refuel from Guilt and Shame (Refuel) 11/01/2015
close Refuel from Suffering (Refuel) 10/25/2015
close Refuel Your Family (Refuel) 10/18/2015
close Refuel from Work (Refuel) 10/11/2015
close Refuel from Performance (Refuel) 10/04/2015

SERIES Live - Sent description

According to the teachings of Scripture, we are both an “everyday” people and an “extraordinary” people. We are sent by Jesus to express and expose His extraordinary life in us. Yet we are to do so in the midst of what appears to be very normal, everyday lives of working, studying and building relationships; our remarkably unspectacular lives of fulfilling responsibilities to families and friends.

So, how do we do that? More significantly, how do we do that together?

We look to Jesus. We see that Jesus’ concept of being “sent ones” radically transformed the disciples’ first century views on reality, religion and relationships. His teachings and life were unfamiliar and unnerving. Lovingly and patiently, he ultimately led his disciples far beyond what they had imagined.

As we read in the book of Acts, their Spirit-empowered lives transformed the first century world of Palestine and beyond. Looking back over the twenty centuries of history since, Jesus’ vision, values and life have led His disciples beyond what every culture and generation of the world would expect—and, in many cases, what the world would accept.

In His prayers to the Father, Christ prayed “As you have sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.” (John 17:18) and, “As the Father sent me, so I am sending you.” (John 20:21) Our Fellowship of Churches: Middlebrook, North Knox, Pellissippi live in the 100th generation of disciples of Jesus Christ (counting generations as twenty year cycles). And we are still just as sent as the first generation of disciples.

LIVE: SENT is a three-week series for us to explore prayerfully and intentionally, how we will live together as disciple-makers sent into the world to express and expose the life of Jesus within us.

May this be a season when we learn on a much deeper level what it means to live our everyday, extraordinary lives as the people of God.

close Live Sent - A Local Approach (Live - Sent) 09/27/2015
close A Disciple-Making Movement (Live - Sent) 09/20/2015
close Even So (Live - Sent) 09/13/2015

SERIES Life Verses:

close Consider the Cost (Life Verses:) 09/06/2015

SERIES Behold Your God

close Behold Your God: All the way … (Behold Your God) 08/23/2015
close Behold your God: Redeemer (Behold Your God) 08/16/2015
close Behold Your God: Glory (Behold Your God) 08/09/2015
close Behold Your God: Holy (The Thrice … (Behold Your God) 08/02/2015

SERIES Stories

close Stories: The Unexpected Invitation (Stories) 07/26/2015
close Stories: Expect the Unexpected (Stories) 07/19/2015
close Stories: The Hidden Treasure and the … (Stories) 07/12/2015
close Stories: The Unforgiving Servant (Stories) 07/05/2015
close Stories: The Kingdom's Many Faces of … (Stories) 06/28/2015
close Stories: Lost Son (Stories) 06/21/2015
close Stories (Stories) 06/14/2015
close Stories: Introduction (Stories) 06/07/2015

SERIES Out of the Box

close Out of the Box:The Great Commission (Out of the Box) 05/24/2015
close Out of the Box: Discipleship (Out of the Box) 05/17/2015
close Out of the Box: Evangelism (Out of the Box) 05/10/2015
close Out of the Box Intro (Out of the Box) 05/03/2015

SERIES Living on Mission

close What's My Mission (Part 2) (Living on Mission) 04/26/2015
close What is my mission? Part … (Living on Mission) 04/19/2015

SERIES Jesus: Mission to the Cross

close Jesus' Mission After the Cross (Jesus: Mission to the Cross) 04/12/2015
close The Story of Easter isn't Complicated (Jesus: Mission to the Cross) 04/05/2015
close Jesus: Mission to the Cross Part … (Jesus: Mission to the Cross) 03/29/2015

SERIES Gather, Grow, Serve

close Gather, Grow, Serve Part 3 (Gather, Grow, Serve) 03/15/2015
close Gather, Grow, Serve Part 2 (Gather, Grow, Serve) 03/08/2015
close Gather, Grow, Serve Part 1 (Gather, Grow, Serve) 03/01/2015

SERIES Mission

close Mission Statement Part 2 (Mission) 02/22/2015
close Mission Statement Part 1 (Mission) 02/15/2015
close The Church (Mission) 02/08/2015


close Strain Forward (Launch) 02/01/2015

SERIES Introduction to Pellissippi description

introduction to pellissippi

close Get Out Of The Boat (Introduction to Pellissippi) 04/06/2014